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Harrison County


Harrison County

An old farming community, residents have been cultivating fine soils for many centuries. Located near the South Fork of the Licking River, Harrison County is bordered by a handful of others, including Scott & Bourbon counties. Cynthiana, its county seat, boasts great commerce with 3M, Lucas Equine, and Bullard, inventors of the modern hard hat.

A county since the earliest days of Kentucky statehood, Harrison County was site of settlements as early as the 1770s. The county’s popularity has grown as more recognize its sense of calm and the numerous historic homes across the landscape.

Verdant Fertility

Harrison County is a picturesque and agriculturally rich area of Kentucky. The county is characterized by rolling hills and valleys, formed by the numerous streams and creeks that flow through the area. The Licking River, one of Kentucky’s major waterways, forms the county’s northern boundary and serves as a vital resource for the area. Like most of the region, Harrison County’s fertile soil and lush grasslands have supported a rich agricultural heritage for centuries.

The county’s terrain is largely made up of limestone and shale, which have been shaped over time by the forces of erosion and weathering. This has resulted in the formation of several natural landmarks and features, including caves, sinkholes, and underground streams.

Harrison County also contains several significant geological formations, such as the Kentucky River Palisades, which are a series of steep cliffs that rise above the Kentucky River.



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