white-glove service for discerning clients

The Private Market

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Discreet Service for Discerning Clients

What Is Private Representation?

Many closed listings in our market are private offerings. Private or “pocket” listings are often never publicly offered – nor ever would be.

The implications of private listings for buyers are enormous. To access an ideal purchase, the representation of a trusted specialist is crucial. By “trusted,” we mean both by clients and colleagues. Private listings are often only shared with colleagues whose discretion is established. Only true specialists have the expertise to uncover the right property at the right time.

How Do We Represent Clients?

Our bespoke firm is distinctive in the region, known for our delivery of favorable terms with uncompromising good humor.

Since 1984, we’ve been offering a unique blend of industry expertise and Bluegrass hospitality to individuals both local and international.

Steeped in that tradition, Kirkpatrick & Co. remains pleased to provide clients excellent – and gracious – representation. Allow us to show you just how pleasant a real estate transaction can be.

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