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Paris Pike
Preparing Your Farm for Sale
Selling a property successfully requires preparation and attention to detail. We at Kirkpatrick & Co. carefully guide our clients to ensure a desirable presentation. Much is written on improving curb appeal and staging when selling residential properties. (We’ve shared our best advice, too. And also here.) Here are a few tips [...]
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January 22, 2024
2023 Bluegrass Farm Market Report
Kirkpatrick & Co. is pleased to present our annual report on farm sales in the Bluegrass region. First, we’ll explore the statistics & trends in Lexington-Fayette County before turning our attention to the rest of the region. What was the average price per acre for farmland in Scott County? What [...]
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January 20, 2024
Why buyers hate shoe booties
Decades of experience have taught us that buyers unconsciously shy away from properties with certain characteristics. Allow our expertise to help prevent these common seller pitfalls. These features suggest to buyers that a seller might be challenging during negotiation or due diligence. Requiring shoe booties at the door during a showing is [...]
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January 19, 2024
Our best real estate advice for 2024 sellers & buyers
After analyzing thousands of real estate sales across Central Kentucky, noting trends & patterns, we have some advice for the Bluegrass buyers & sellers of 2024 Even as interest rates fall, sellers can capitalize on market conditions in 2024 by attracting qualified cash buyers. How? First, by seeking an experienced local brokerage [...]
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January 5, 2024
Premium $1M+ Home Sales in Lexington, KY 2023
While the United States luxury real estate market at large floundered in 2023, Lexington, Kentucky’s premium market did not. 90 residential properties over $1M closed in Fayette County in 2023. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 43% of these transactions were cash, making them less effected by current interest rate conditions. Also remarkable? 56% sold [...]
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January 4, 2024
Our Secrets for Expert Digital Curb Appeal
The majority of buyers will first explore your home online, making “digital curb appeal” essential. How do we craft the perfect presentation for our clients? Curated Imagery Carefully-selected professional photos direct potential buyers’ attention to your home’s most desirable features. We often tell clients that our approach is editorial (like a magazine spread) rather [...]
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September 28, 2023
Fireplace at Historic Cabin on Watts Ferry
Can you tear down a home on the National Register? Should you?
We’re historic home experts, and we often encounter a great deal of misinformation and even apprehension regarding preservation. Our brokerage helps clients navigate the process of buying or selling heritage properties with sensitivity. It is our aim to provide clarity and encouragement through keen expertise. Here, we’d like to share [...]
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August 28, 2023
Evans Mill
What is a “proof of funds” letter & why might I need one?
When viewing a listing or writing a cash offer, you may be asked for a “proof of funds” letter. 90% of Kirkpatrick & Co. transactions involve properties in excess of $1 million. Cash transactions have always been typical in that price range but are especially so in today’s competitive markets. Buyers [...]
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July 14, 2023
How can a buyer benefit from private brokerage?
We often hear how desirable private brokerage is for sellers. What are the benefits to our buying clients? Confidentiality Many of our Kirkpatrick & Co. clients are high-profile individuals who value their privacy and prefer to keep their real estate transactions confidential. A private transaction ensures that many details about the purchase [...]
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July 11, 2023
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