Why we’re steadfastly independent

We’ve been approached time and time again by out-of-state real-estate chains to affiliate Kirkpatrick & Co. with their big box “brand names.”  Allow us to explain why we’ve remained steadfastly independent since 1984.

We’re Kentuckians first. Each of our associates calls the Bluegrass home and focus their practice right here in our beloved Commonwealth. Every dollar yielded is reinvested locally and we are keen to recommend local service providers and experts to our clients whenever possible.

Our methods are bespoke, carefully-crafted for each individual client’s needs. We refuse to allow a corporate template dictate how we represent our clients or market the properties entrusted to us. Our independence allows us think creatively and move nimbly in our market.

Our marketing is highly-targeted. There is no need to broadcast our brand to a Boise bus stop when our expertise allows us to point to the most likely, most qualified buyers. The same can be said of our international experience. We cast our nets in fertile waters, using our vast experience & personal connections to do so.

Our firm is selective by design, only infrequently adding new agents to our roster. We carefully evaluate every single associate, ensuring the same gracious expertise is enjoyed by all Kirkpatrick & Co. clients.

Our agents aren’t charged monthly fees to associate with us, allowing them to remain relationship-focused rather than transaction-focused. A client can expect to see her vision through with her Kirkpatrick & Co. agent, no matter the time or effort involved.

You’ll sometimes hear real estate chains boast about their “worldwide referral networks.” We believe, largely, that these formalized systems of referrals benefit one party- the agent. When we receive a referral, however, we’re confident we’ve been chosen for our expertise and service, in an honoring of the commitment between the original agent and client. When our clients need assistance further afield, we undertake significant research and vetting to do the same.

Lastly, we’re proud of our tradition. With a founder like Arnold Kirkpatrick and a worldwide headquarters in the heart of Bluegrass country, we value our special heritage.

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