Meet the Surprising New Farm Buyers

Here’s why the buyer for your farm might surprise you…

Seldom Scene Farm, sold by Kirkpatrick & Co.

As expected, the equine “infrastructure” continues to draw sporthorse equestrians to the Bluegrass. The thoroughbred farm market remains strong, too, with many operations investing in further land acquisition. (We talk a little more about that here in The Lane Report).
We’re noticing, though, a growing segment of farm buyers. We call these the “quality of life” buyers who are drawn to the desirable Bluegrass lifestyle, with its beautiful scenery, fresh air, and good people.
What attracts lifestyle buyers?
First, the proximity to two major highways & East Coast timezone location keeps busy buyers connected to friends & colleagues. (Did you know Lexington is within a days’ drive of two-thirds of the population of the United States? Via VisitLex)
Lifestyle buyers are further enticed by the availability of large tracts of land, an ever more rare opportunity in the U.S. Though they intend to enjoy the property, these buyers are eager for tangible assets, and relish the opportunity to invest in something they love. These lifestyle buyers desire land for recreation and preservation. Often, families include least one equestrian and others who enjoy outdoor pursuits from fly-fishing to beekeeping and everything in between.
Fine public & private schools are a key consideration for lifestyle buyers, too. Whereas ten years ago, this type of buyer was likely retired, today’s remote work means a client with a young family can participate in a conference call from the seat of a Kubota- rather than in a board room.
While lifestyle buyers could choose to live anywhere, they have high regard for the unique regional character created by historic preservation & “green belt” conservation. Historic homes are often in high demand for these buyers, as living elsewhere has highlighted their specialness.
How do we serve lifestyle buyers?
Serving these buyer-clients requires new approaches. Our white-glove, bespoke brokership allows a seamless transition for busy buyers. A full array of tech tools can be deployed to communicate when clients hail from further afield. Our expertise on historic preservation, as well navigating any conservation easements lends further confidence.
How do we help sellers?
We also work sellers to ensure their properties are marketed to best effect, capturing broad interest from the most qualified lifestyle buyers. Professional photography- with an editorial eye-captures the essence of a farm. Historic research & finely-crafted content add further value to marketing.
Thinking about buying or selling? It would be our pleasure to consult with you.

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