Historic Bluegrass Spring Houses

Exploring these indispensable outbuildings of the past

You’ll find the lovingly-restored historic spring house pictured here on our listing at 4750 KY Hwy 1842 North.

Spring houses were traditionally used in the Bluegrass as a way to keep food and other perishable items cool before the invention of refrigeration. They were small, simple structures built over a natural spring or stream, which kept the temperature inside cool and constant throughout the year.

Spring houses were commonly used to store milk, butter, and other dairy products. They were also used to store other perishable items such as fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, which would be hung from hooks inside the spring house. The cool, damp environment of the spring house helped to prevent spoilage and keep the food fresh for longer periods of time.

The design of spring houses varied, but they typically had a small entrance or door to keep out animals and insects, and often had shelves or racks for storage. Some spring houses were built partially underground, which helped to maintain a consistent temperature.

We’re always delighted to find these among the outbuildings when we sell historic homes & farms. Read more here from Garden to Gables.

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