Our Secrets for Expert Digital Curb Appeal

The majority of buyers will first explore your home online, making “digital curb appeal” essential.

How do we craft the perfect presentation for our clients?

Curated Imagery

Carefully-selected professional photos direct potential buyers’ attention to your home’s most desirable features.

We often tell clients that our approach is editorial (like a magazine spread) rather than documentary (like an appraiser’s report). For instance, it isn’t always necessary to ensure, say, a basement powder room is pictured, especially with an accompanying digital walkthrough.

Digital-Friendly Formatting

A home’s online presentation should be easily accessible on a variety of digital devices. Today, a property is far more likely to sell via Instagram than the printable PDF brochures of yore.

Evocative Description

Today, the technical details of a property (# of bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc.) are readily found. The descriptive text should add “color” rather than stats to your presentation. We eschew “high-frequency” adjectives or trite descriptors (“Location, location, location!” or “dream home” for example) in favor of more evocative terms.

We seek to add context in our descriptions (Why is the location desirable? Has the property been well-tended?) We also weave a narrative we feel best suits our predicted potential buyers. For instance, a deluxe billiards room might be of far less interest to an equestrian buyer than a hay storage facility. We also make note of generational differences, too. Some features desirable to baby boomers are less so to a younger group of buyers.

How can we help your property command attention on the digital marketplace? Start a conversation to connect.

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