How can a buyer benefit from private brokerage?

Welcome to the world of private brokerage.

We often hear how desirable private brokerage is for sellers. What are the benefits to our buying clients?


Many of our Kirkpatrick & Co. clients are high-profile individuals who value their privacy and prefer to keep their real estate transactions confidential. A private transaction ensures that many details about the purchase are not publicly disclosed. We work in concert with a client’s legal & financial teams to ensure the highest level of confidentiality desired.


Private real estate transactions offer access to unique or exclusive properties that are not publicly marketed. This exclusivity can be appealing to buyers who are looking for something distinctive or rare. Our private portfolio contains properties unlike any others in the market.


In a private transaction, the buyer & her broker may have an opportunity to negotiate with the seller without distraction. This can provide more flexibility and lead to more favorable terms.

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