Unexpected Staging Tips

Our unexpected staging tips help buyers imagine an idyllic future in your home

Peaceful potting area by Sarah Trumbore @ststudioinc


Home buying is an emotional experience.

It all starts with a fantasy. Home buying is rooted in the fantasy that if they had a new space they would be more…


A small part of them hopes they would host more parties, soak in the oversized tub, read more books, plant a garden, start painting -all because of a new space brimming with potential.

Your job when staging your home is to harness that dream.

You can give each space a satisfying purpose simply through styling items you already have.

Relaxing bath scene with citrus punch by @hillarytinteriors Charming bar tray by @salvesengrahamthecollection Mahjong paradise by @collins__interiors

Some ideas:

Style a bar cart or a cocktail tray near a space for entertaining. Don’t forget a stack of cocktail napkins nearby.

Assemble a creative space in an unused area and display a few supplies in a pleasing ROY G BIV fashion.

Bring together all the elements for a relaxing soak in the tub – a small stool, a fluffy towel, perhaps a new French soap on a pretty dish.

Pull together a “potting shed” outdoors with an orderly display of tools, a watering can, packets of seeds in a basket, and terracotta pots of various shapes and sizes. Add a live potted plant to the mix, too.

Style a small desk or table in the bedroom as a dressing table with a chair or stool, old mirror, pretty perfume bottles, and perhaps an African violet or orchid.

Craft an intimate seating arrangement with two chairs, a table, & lamp in a nook of your home. Add a pretty throw over the arm of a chair and coasters for two drinks.

Deemphasize the TV and orient furniture to the fireplace or natural light and views outside the window. Even better? Find ways to float furniture when possible to avoid pieces pushed against the walls.

Display some fresh ingredients in the kitchen- some beautiful tomatoes, a potted herb, a bowl of oranges. Empty most pantry items and leave plenty of breathing room between the remaining.

Bring two occasional chairs around a table as a game table. Your pretty mahjong set or some lovely Caspari playing cards can sit on top.

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