Why buyers hate shoe booties

Decades of experience have taught us that buyers unconsciously shy away from properties with certain characteristics. Allow our expertise to help prevent these common seller pitfalls.

These features suggest to buyers that a seller might be challenging during negotiation or due diligence.

Requiring shoe booties at the door during a showing is one such sign.

When a seller believes his home is too precious to be sullied by shoes, it can suggest the seller has an inflated perception of the home’s value. It can also give an impression that the seller is distrusting. Shoe booties imply that visitors can’t be trusted to use common sense.

So, what’s a seller to do if they’re anxious about protecting their rugs and floors? Here’s what we advise our clients:

Remove any cherished items before showings -from that heirloom needlepoint rug to a priceless vase. Consider off-site storage for particularly precious pieces

Invest in a boot scraper to place outside the front door and a large, heavy duty mat for the entryway. Both serve as gracious cues for visitors.

Operate in good faith knowing that 99.9% of all buyers will act respectfully in your home.

If you’re looking to buy and sell in the Bluegrass, we can advise you on even the smallest detail to achieve your most favorable outcome.

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