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Fireplace at Historic Cabin on Watts Ferry
Can you tear down a home on the National Register? Should you?
We’re historic home experts, and we often encounter a great deal of misinformation and even apprehension regarding preservation. Our brokerage helps clients navigate the process of buying or selling heritage properties with sensitivity. It is our aim to provide clarity and encouragement through keen expertise. Here, we’d like to share [...]
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August 28, 2023
Falcon Wood
Why don’t we use stock photography?
Our Bluegrass is easy to love and thousands of images exist displaying her splendor. Many of these images are widely-available as stock photos across the web. And yet- we avoid stock photography on our website. Each farm or home pictured here has been sold by a Kirkpatrick & Co. Associate. Here’s [...]
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August 23, 2023
Historic Audubon Farm
Honoring Heritage Farms
How do we gracefully manage the sale of a living family heirloom? “It’s important to honor the heritage of the farm and convey that sense of history to buyers,” says Zach Davis, President & Principal Broker of Kirkpatrick & Co. When the time comes to entrust a new steward with a [...]
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May 6, 2023
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President’s Welcome
“What can please the eye of a countryman more than the unbroken verdancy and fertility of a Kentucky bluegrass farm?” John Burroughs, ‘Riverby’ Not much, we say. That’s why we’ve made our living helping clients buy and sell the finest real estate in the Bluegrass for over thirty years. At Kirkpatrick & Co., we’re [...]
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January 1, 2023