How does a nearly forty-year-old brand still relevant in today’s world?

Broker Zach Davis says “the Kirkpatrick & Co. brand has always been associated with fine properties and expertise. We’ve taken that heritage and ran with it.”

Along with that expertise, the brokerage is committed to what they call “white-glove service.” The majority of Kirkpatrick & Co. clients are immersed in their own pursuits, making time a precious resource. Associates serve as trusted advisors in the field, providing “boots on the ground” wisdom for discerning clients.

Davis also characterizes his firm as forward-thinking; “We’ve been able to utilize the most current technologies to serve our clients.”

From a commanding digital presence to advanced professional marketing, the brokerage fully commits to its clientele’s success in a twenty-first century market. Davis continues, “Our clients appreciate that we’re leaders in realizing enduring values in a modern way.”

Founder Arnold Kirkpatrick’s genial nature & hospitality, too, factor in the success of today’s Kirkpatrick & Co. Brokerage Associates act not simply as agents, but ambassadors for their beloved Bluegrass, introducing newcomers to the best the region offers. In an industry where “aggressive” is a buzz word, Davis says, “we believe it’s always possible to protect one’s interests with graciousness and good humor.”

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