The First Three Commandments of Farm Real Estate

Let graciousness guide you–and more–

We’ve been busier than ever and the proliferation of rapid-fire sales leaves us ever-mindful of our values & principles.

What’s at the heart of a successful farm transaction? What’s the essence of an exceptional broker? We’ve been pondering these ideas since 1984.

Without any further ado, we’d like to share the first few of our “commandments,” carefully gleaned from farms big & small and clients near & far — over many cups of coffee and a perhaps a few bourbons, too.

Let Graciousness Guide You

Studies show that physicians rated as respectful and kind by their patients are far less likely to be sued for medical malpractice, regardless of skill. Your granddad might’ve said it differently…”you catch more flies with honey” or “you reap what you sow.”

We see it in real estate too — if you want a fight, you’ll get one. We believe, though, that it is always possible to protect ones’ interests while retaining a courteous, gracious demeanor. Approaching a deal with good humor and a sense of empathy almost always ensures a better result for all. Needless aggression is just that – needless. Truly talented brokers remain gracious, helping all parties do the same.

Don’t Argue with Mother Nature

If the good Lord put a pond there, it’s probably not the right place for an outdoor arena. Save yourself the heartache (and a lot of money) by heeding the “lay of the land” when planning.

We have shown many a property with impressive features under water, gorgeous horse barns with no air flow, or an estate with a sweeping view…of a main thoroughfare.

We connect our clients with the finest professionals to aid in decision-making. Where should the barn go? Where is the best home site? How do I manage the water on my farm? We provide the firm footing needed for success before, during, and after a transaction.

Think Outside the Barn

It’s only natural that when a seller pictures how a potential buyer might look, that buyer will look a lot like what they see in the mirror. Successful marketing requires we abandon that expectation. You may have an award-winning equestrian operation. Your buyer may want to raise Pygmy goats.

A good broker understands how to best market a property to the most likely buyers — while allowing for the unexpected. Most important is providing a full & accurate portrayal through professional photography, videography, 3D tours, measurement by a licensed appraiser, and well-researched accompanying materials. Our attention to detail inspires confidence and that confidence expands our marketing reach. Quite simply, we believe less showmanship & more trust lends power to our marketing.

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